The Crushies

The prestigious CBMAS “Crushie” Trophies are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, and proudly Made in America by Steel City Tap Co., a renowned manufacturer hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Developed with their storied tradition of creating exceptional-quality custom tap handles, they’ve brilliantly transformed the original Crushie Trophy into a functional tap handle!

The CBMAS 3-levels of distinctive Trophies take the form of a tattooed arm, energetically crushing a beer can, serving as a powerful symbol of the exceptional achievements of our industry winners, and showcasing their innovative marketing and branding excellence.

Upon the awards announcement, those involved in creating the winning entries will have the opportunity to upgrade their win by purchasing personalized Crushie Trophies and merchandise through our CBMAS Trophy Shop (now open year-round). A comprehensive email with ordering details is sent to all Crushie Winners the day after the live awards ceremony.

The CBMAS stand as a tribute to the boundless creativity within the craft brewing and beverage industry, and we take immense pride in our collaboration with Steel City Tap Co. for crafting these extraordinary Trophy Tap Handle Awards.


2025 Entries Open in September – stay tuned!

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The Crushies

The CBMAS Global Crushie is the most prestigious of all awards, as it represents the pinnacle of excellence on a global scale. Each category will have only one recipient of the Global Crushie, except in the rare event of a tie.
The CBMAS Platinum Crushie will be awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional performance, making them the top-tier recipients in each category just below the coveted Global accolade. Platinum Crushies represent first-place honor in their respective categories.
The CBMAS Gold Crushie will be bestowed upon individuals who exhibit remarkable performance, securing the prestigious acknowledgment just under the highly sought-after Platinum Crushie. Gold Crushies signify the second-place honor in their respective categories.
The CBMAS retains the discretion to modify the number of Crushie Winners granted in each category, depending on the volume of entries received in that specific category.