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Podcast 018 | 11.4.2021
Jeremy Storton,
Good Beer Matters Podcast

Jim and Jackie speak with Jeremy Storton, Advanced Cicerone, BJCP judge, IBD Certified Brewer and Owner–Host of the “Good Beer Matters” Podcast. We discuss Jeremy’s incredible and diverse industry background, and his 2021 CBMAS Platinum Crushie win for Best Podcast. We also talk about the importance of education, and storytelling in building successful beer brands that resonate with today’s consumer.


Podcast 017 | 10.14.2021
Matt Sharp,
Arrowhead Ales Brewing

Jim and Jackie speak with Matt Sharp, Creative Director, Designer, and Illustrator of Arrowhead Ales Brewing Co. from Illinois. We discuss Matt’s 2021 Crushie win for Best Design 16-20oz Can for his Arrowhead Ales Villains Series. We talk about Matt’s awesome segment on Fox News Chicago, his unconventional approach to the design process, working outside of beer, and a little about Matt’s own personal triumph over natural disaster.


Podcast 016 | 10.01.2021
Anna Long & Tevon Berka,
Norlo Design

Jim and Jackie welcome Anna and Tevon from Norlo Design headquartered in Denver, Colorado to the CBMAS “Marketing on Tap” Podcast. We discuss their 2021 Crushie win for Best Design in the highly–competitive 7–21oz Bottle Category, we also cover standing out in beverage’s crowded marketplace, the growing industry, and the benefits of good client rapport.


Podcast 015 | 9.19.2021
Tyler Mithuen,
Modist Brewing

Jim and Jackie had the pleasure to speak with Tyler Mithuen, Director of Brand Development of Modist Brewing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We discuss their 2021 Crushie win for Best Pandemic-related Can Design, their marketing philosophy, growing your brewery’s organic marketing, and improving your socially–conscious marketing efforts.


Podcast 014 | 9.2.2021
Alexis Castellano,
Alternate Ending Beer Co

Jim and Jackie speak with Alexis Castellano, the Marketing & Creative Director of Alternate Ending Beer Co. in Aberdeen, New Jersey. She tells us the amazing story of kismet when brewer finds perfect brewery space. We also discuss their amazing–looking brewpub built into an old movie theater, and how the silver screen remains very much in the heart of their brewery and branding — and their two 2021 Crushie wins for Most Unique Logo and Most Creative Signage!


Podcast 013 | 8.19.2021
Nick Fertig,
Full Tilt Brewing

Nick Fertig, co-owner of Full Tilt Brewing of Baltimore, Maryland discusses how their brewery was born, about brewing innovative beers that tap into our fondest childhood memories, their 2021 Gold Crushie Award for Coolest Taproom, and we cover the need for charitable work, and community events.


Podcast 012 | 8.12.2021
Tom Paynter,
No Label Brewing

Jim and Jackie talk with Tom Paynter, Vice President, Co-owner, and Marketing Director of No Label Brewing in Katy, Texas. We discuss their unique beers, and sprawling brewery, as well as, their two 2021 Crushie Awards, increased need for merchandise, industry supply chain shortages, the future of pandemic crisis, and much more.


Podcast 011 | 5.24.2021
Ryan Wheaton,
Craft Brew Creative

Jim and Jackie talk with Ryan Wheaton, owner of Craft Brew Creative and Branding Brews Podcast, about their 20 years of experience in the industry, elevating your brand with photography and video, and we also dive into the importance of social media, as well as, Branding Brews Gold Crushie Win for “Best Brewing Podcast”.


Podcast 010 | 5.4.2021
Barry Elwonger,
Motorworks Brewing

Jim and Jackie talk with Motorworks Brewing, Director of Sales & Marketing, Barry Elwonger about their two amazing Florida breweries, and get insight on navigating our big industry challenge of intellectual property. Also surviving pandemic, 2020 CBMAS Crushie Win, and their Kevin Smith Mooby’s Fun-time Lager.


Podcast 009 | 3.25.2021
Prabh and Barb,

Jim and Jackie talk with the Prabh Hans, VP Domestic Services, and Barb Wirth, Marketing & Communications Manager at Hillebrand about the state of draught beer sales, beverage logistics trends, global distribution, and how their solutions can help brewers get back on track in 2021.


Podcast 008 | 3.19.2021
Rob and Taras,
Lake of the Woods Brewing

Jim speaks with Taras Manzie, President/CEO and Rob Dokuchie, Brand/Marketing Manager of Lake of the Woods Brewing in Kenora, Ontario. We discuss their 3 incredible breweries across 2 countries, and get an exclusive scoop on big news! Rob and Taras provide insight into the Canadian craft beer scene, legalization of cannabis, as well as their exciting new Deep 6 and hard seltzer projects.


Podcast 007 | 3.8.2021
Rob Day,
Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

Jim and Jackie talk to Rob Day, the Senior Director of Marketing for both Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers and Springdale Beer Co. brands of Massachusetts. We talk Springdale Beer’s rebrand and refresh, shifting marketing strategies, Jack’s Abby incredible NBA Celtics partnership, surviving the pandemic, and the future of craft beer.


Podcast 006 | 2.24.2021
Jill Dewes,
Daughter Creative

Jim and Jackie head up north to speak with Jill Dewes, Partner/Director of Daughter Creative in Calgary, Canada. Jill shares her unique design and branding experience with beer, cider, mead and even cannabis clients. Fun fact: her husband is a co-owner of one of her brewery clients. Hear about that working relationship (and hot tub meetings) in this episode!


Podcast 005 | 2.12.2021
Isaac Arthur,
CODO Design

In this episode of Marketing on Tap, we speak with Isaac Arthur, co-Founder of CODO Design about the evolution of the craft beer industry, the current trend of brewery rebrands, their 2020 Platinum Crushie win for Best Typography Logo, and review a decade of CODOs cool design books and guides, as well as, their all-new Beer Branding Newsletter.


Podcast 004 | 1.22.2021
Ben Weston,
Hoptown Handles

We talk with Ben Weston, Founder and Head Honcho of Hoptown Handles custom tap handle maker in Portland, OR. Get the inside scoop of the craftsmanship and passion that goes into designing and producing award-winning tap handles.


Podcast 003 | 1.8.2021
Emily Koziel,
10 Barrel Brewing

Jackie and Jim talk about the importance of sticking to your brand story in all efforts, how to create amazing and good-for-the-earth merchandise, and learn about the make up of a brewery’s marketing team with 3-time Crushie winner 10 Barrel Brewing Co’s merchandise manager, Emily Koziel.


Podcast 002 | 12.18.2020
Rachel Bradley,
DuClaw Brewing

In this episode of the CBMAS podcast, Co-Founders Jim and Jackie discuss the importance of retail sales during the pandemic, awesome label design, and tapping into nostalgia with Rachel Bradley, marketing manager for DuClaw Brewing Company (2020 People’s Choice Crushie winner for Most #FOMO Instagram!)


Podcast 001 | 12.4.2020
Zane Lamprey,
Beer TV Host & Comedian

In the first-ever CBMAS podcast, Co-Founders Jim and Jackie talk to 2020 Craft Beer Man of the Year, Zane Lamprey, about his global TV adventures in beer (including drinking some made with snake), cats, and his first encounter with Mark Cuban. Get ready to laugh!

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