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If you missed the Live 2020 CBMAs Awards Ceremony, it's not too late to see if you Crushed it:

Judging Criteria

Judges will read and score all entries and supporting materials using a digital score card. Judges will be asked to give a score based on each category’s objective. For the 2021 CBMAs, judges will be assigned to one of five regions. Global entries will be judged by a core group from around the world.

All judgements will be combined to provide each entry an overall ranking (score). The highest–scoring entries will determine the Platinum and Gold Crushie winners in each region, as well as the contenders for the Onyx Global Crushie.

Oct 1-Nov 7, 2020


Nov 8, 2020-Jan 29, 2021


Feb 8-March 6, 2021


W/C March 29, 2021

WINNERS ANNOUNCED @ CBC event (TBD) and live stream


All materials submitted to the CBMAs will remain confidential to the Judges (including numbers), and they will not be discussed outside of the judging process. All Judges agree to sign a Non–Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to judging. Judges will receive a list of entrants and their campaign titles before viewing individual entry forms. CBMAs go to great length to avoid Judges viewing their own work, but Judges agree to remove themselves from judging that entry should they deem any conflict of interest. Winning entries may be used in post-event CBMA materials to promote best practice, and permission will be sought from entrants before publication.